Gang’s tattoo is a fist of fear: police

Gang’s tattoo is a fist of fear: police

Daily Telegraph
April 03, 2006

POLICE investigating a shooting murder have uncovered a Sydney gang involved in elaborate extortion bids instilling fear of “extreme violence” in victims.

Members of the “dlasthr” gang wear a distinctive clenched fist tattoo across their backs with the letters AK or dlasthr like a “badge of honour”, according to police.
Details of the gang, described as an Assyrian crime syndicate which operates from southwest Sydney, emerged in Liverpool Court last week.

The alleged leader was identified in court papers as Ramon Youmaran. He is wanted for the 2002 murder of Dimitri Debaz who was shot dead outside a Sefton hotel.

The gang’s alleged activities have been highlighted by investigations into the shooting murder of Ramon Khananyah outside the Babylon Cafe in Fairfield last year.

Police allege Samer Marcus, 30, from West Hoxton, could hold the key to solving the October 31 murder of Mr Khananyah.

Marcus appeared in Liverpool Court on Tuesday charged over an unrelated extortion in which a man was allegedly threatened for his $45,000 car.

Strike force Gain police, who have accused Marcus of being an active member of dlasthr, arrested him and charged him with robbery and demand money in company with menace. They allege he may have information about the Babylon Cafe murder.

It was the fourth serious extortion matter to emerge last week.

Two teenagers were charged by South East Asian organised crime squad officers after allegedly targeting a Kingsford teenager.

A gang of three men allegedly kidnapped a man in Mt Pritchard last Monday and demanded a $20,000 ransom. A trial also began into the murder of university student Vay Linh Phun who was allegedly kidnapped and a $70,000 ransom demanded for her life.

Police allege Marcus contacted a man through a friend and threatened the welfare of his family in return for a luxury car on January 4 this year.

Magistrate Tony Marsden said police had “conversations which have been recorded by lawful intercept” and other evidence which provided a strong prosecution case.

The court was told Marcus had a tattoo of a clenched fist across his back, which police allege indicates his membership of dlasthr.

Marcus’ solicitor Glenn Walters denied his client was a member of the gang and said the tattoo police claimed Marcus had offered no proof of membership. Police have received correspondence from Marcus stating he has no knowledge about the Babylon Cafe murder.

Marcus was refused bail and remanded in custody.

The Daily Telegraph

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